Fishing the Bay Of Islands area for species such as Hapuka otherwise known as Grouper which are a type of Wreckfish involves heading out to depths normally in excess of 100m and often to depths of around 200 - 300 meters.

The advent of braid has revolutionized this form of fishing as you can now more easily detect the bites and feel the fight of the fish - previously in the old mono days you basically waited until you felt a lot of weight and then winched up as the stretch of the nylon would absorb any head shakes and most of the action from the fish. To fish these kind of depths does require a long wind in but it is great to finally see a fantastic hapuka, or Bass, or other deep water fish such as a Gemfish pop to the surface ready to feed you family for a week or more.

These fish can easily be over fished so we allow only one per person of either Bass of Hapuka instead of the three allowed by New Zealand fishing regulations. Other deep water species that we target a the fantastic eating Bluenose.  We let you follow the fishing regulation limit for these though normally it will be your own physical limitations that determine how many you pull up from 300m +. If you have your limit then we just move to target other species.

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