Game Fishing In The Bay Of Islands

Many moons ago famous American author Zane Gray put New Zealand's Bay Of Islands on the word game fishing map in his famous book Anglers El-dorado. Today the Bay Of Islands is still a fantastic destination for game fishing and there are numerous species that you can chase here and numerous IGFA World Record Captures from the Bay Of Islands. New Zealand boasts the biggest Striped Marlin and Yellow Tail Kingfish in the world and a majority of the world records for these two species are held here. We also get a fair number of Blue Marlin and Grander Blue (over 1000 pounds) was landed aboard the Bay Of Islands boat Harlequin skippered by Chris Ash last year a day north of the Bay Of Islands. Black Marlin whilst not common are caught in our waters to with a huge black being landed by the Bruce Smith skippered Striker in 2001 in the Bay Of Islands.

Anglers Anonymous is certainly not the biggest boat in the fleet of charter boats targeting Big Game Fishing in the Bay Of Islands at only 29 feet long but it does have some great features. Powered by 300hp Turbo V8 diesel and at around 4 and a half Tonnes, Anglers Anonymous cruises comfortably at 20 knots without working up a huge fuel bill. Anglers Anonymous has 2 tuna tubes, 2 mackerel tubes and outriggers amongst its many other features mentioned on our About Us page. Anglers Anonymous does not have a game chair and hence all fish are fought standup which in a full walk-around boat gives some great advantages. We fish 2 Shimano Tiagra 80W's on the outriggers with 80 pound IGFA rated Dacron and 2 Shimano Tiagro 50W's off the corners. We sometimes run a shotgun tuna lure on a Tiagra 30 also but this is a lot of gear to clear when I hookup happens and it all depends how many people are on board.

We provide everything for your day out game fishing and collect lures in much the same way as a magpie collects shiny objects.  We have all the rigging equipment and leader material you will ever need on board if you wish to rig anything of your own. We also are specialists in Mechanical Jigging and have a setup ready to go - Ocea Jigger 5000p on Jigging Master custom 500 rod - in our attempt to get New Zealand's first Marlin on Jig. We are also able to offer a couple of interludes to trawling the ocean with lures to catch a few Kingfish on jig or live bait. We rig everything to IGFA requirements - except the jig rod which has 80 pound braid!

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